Supervisory Administrative Management Specialist


The USAID is recruiting a Supervisory Administrative Management Specialist to be based in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • The Executive Office at USAID/Mozambique manages a large operational portfolio with a high degree of scope and complexity. Background – USAID/Mozambique staffing is at 183, including 34 USDHs, 17 USPSCs and 132 CCNPSCs. In addition to the normal functional responsibilities, Exo a 5,700 square meter commercial lease for office space for 275 staff that includes 3 other USG Agencies and their personnel, a USAID-owned housing complex consisting of 12 houses (separate from ICASS), a Guesthouse and owns a residential property that is currently part of the U.S. Embassy complex. The diverse range of services required to keep the Mission functioning at a high level presents enormous management challenges. Proper systems and controls are essential for smooth functioning as well as for protection of USG resources, both physical and human. A primary role of the Senior Administrative Management Specialist will be to ensure that appropriate and necessary management systems and controls are in place and appropriately utilized by all USAID/Mozambique staff
  • The Senior Administrative Management Specialist assists in evaluating and conducting negotiations of the costs and services provided through the International Cooperative Administrative Support (ICASS) platform, assists with the development of the Mission’s annual procurement plan and conducts assessments to achieve greater efficiency in Executive Office operations. The incumbent represents USAID at all levels within the Agency and in the Interagency at the post
  • Daily Work Responsibilities (85%)
  • General Services:
  • Supervision and oversight of General Services include: Housing and Residential Building Maintenance, Office and Non-Residential Building Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance and Records; Custodial Staff; Occupational Safety; Space Management; and Utilities Tracking, Payments and Records
  • Responsible for ensuring that appropriate management systems controls are in place and utilized at USAID-managed and leased residential facilities
  • Oversight of maintenance, renovation, repair and make ready contracts and preparations at the USAID-owned residential compound of 12 residences and Guesthouse
  • Oversight of all ICASS-provided GSO services, including residential maintenance and repair, and make ready preparations
  • Coordinate discussion to control costs, improve quality or outsource service requirements
  • Serve as point of contact with the landlord for all maintenance, renovation and repair requirements at a USAID-leased commercial office building
  • Ensure that all systems for tracking mileage, fuel and repair costs in the area of vehicle management and maintenance records are current and that all required vehicle reports are completed and submitted by the established deadline
  • Investigate all incidents involving Mission vehicles, in conjunction with the Embassy RSO and the GSP Specialist, and recommend to the S/EXO corrective or disciplinary action as appropriate
  • Administer and supervise the Mission’s safety program. The program includes but is not limited to, maintenance of emergency notification systems covering all staff and institutional contractors in the commercially-leased office building; Maintain office and residential evacuation equipment and procedures, building floor warden programs; Ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and coordinating periodic safety training
  • Coordinate oversight with the A/GSO of janitorial services
  • Serve as point of contact on all requests for additional or reconfigured office space as needs dictate; Provide management with options to best meet requirements within space available; Review plans for office moves with the GSO Specialist and A/GSO to ensure manpower and materials are available at the time moves are scheduled
  • Provide expertise and support for space allocation and logistical planning in anticipation of the move to the New Embassy Compound (scheduled for 2020)
  • Review and approve payments for various utility costs associated with Mission residences and functional space, ensure that adequate tracking mechanisms are in place and kept current to fully verify billings and payments, and make suggestions to reduce costs in this area
  • Oversee management, disposition and reporting for the USAID-owned property, supplies, and equipment
  • Supervise the GSO Specialist (FSN-10)
  • Communications & Records (C&R):
  • Supervision and oversight of C&R functions include: Diplomatic Pouch, records disposition, records reporting and incoming/outgoing correspondence
  • Oversight of establishment and maintenance of the records management program, vita is recorded program, correspondence tracking, bulk printing, and mail and telephone/fax procedures
  • Responsible for modernizing operations to ensure C&R staff are appropriately trained to manage new information management systems and are appropriately trained to efficiently perform duties
  • Supervise the C&R Supervisor (FSN-9)
  • Procurement:
  • Supervision and oversight of Procurement includes procurement planning and execution, procurement execution, sourcing, troubleshooting contractual issues, and closeouts
  • Support the development and execution of the annual OE and project funds procurement plan for services, equipment, and supplies
  • Monitor obligations of OE funds
  • Responsible for ensuring that appropriate management controls are in place and procedures conform with FAR and AIDAR procurement regulations, and USG statutes
  • Serve as a backup Requestor and Buyer in GLAAS. Review and provide clearance for all procurement documents committing funds for the Contracting Officer/Senior EXO’s signature, and ensure purchases are within approved budget levels
  • Obtain contracting warrant, as permissible by USAID
  • Monitor procurements through final disposition of contract actions, including the review and pre-approval of all procurement and contract actions, and actual receipt of the goods and services procured to final close-out
  • Liaise and consult regularly with a wide variety of Mission offices, vendors, contractors and proprietors.
  • Review procedures for source selection, invitations for bids/quotations and preparation of purchase order documentation
  • Review and approval all vendor payment vouchers in ASIST
  • Supervise the Procurement Agent (FSN-8)
  • Travel:
  • Supervision and oversight of the Travel Division include: travel and transportation policies and regulations, travel authorizations, visas and credentials, coordination with Travel Management Center (TMC)
  • Responsible for overseeing and supervising USAID’s Travel division
  • Provide expertise, guidance, and direction in applying travel regulations and policies related to travel and transportation of effects
  • Establish and maintain a professional relationship with the Travel Management Center (TMC); Support troubleshooting issues between TMC and traveler
  • Serve as reviewer and approver in E2 for all Mission travel authorizations and travel vouchers
  • Oversee the issuance of extension of visas and credentials for diplomats, non-diplomats, and respective eligible family members
  • Oversee the securing of entry visas for CCN staff traveling outside of Mozambique
  • Oversee the preparation and dissemination of weekly travel schedules
  • Supervise the Travel Assistant (FSN-8)
  • Other Administrative Functions (15%)
  • Maintain communications and establish a working relationship with the ICASS services platform to ensure receipt of services procured under ICASS and resolve any outstanding issues
  • Represent the Agency on interagency committees and working groups, as required
  • Conduct management analyses and studies to achieve greater efficiency in management operations; Make administrative and technical recommendations to the D/Exo and S/Exo
  • Draft or clear Mission Orders, Management Notices, memorandums and correspondence from the Executive Office on management policy
  • Work closely with the S/EXO, D/EXO and Office of Financial Management to assist with planning and managing the Mission’s cost of the operations budget
  • Work on special projects or assignments in relation to EXO operations and functions, i.e. Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Action Plan, Contingency of Operations Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, FMFIA, etc.
  • In the absence of the D/EXO and S/EXO, ensure the continued effective operation of the Executive Office
  • Exercises first and second level supervision over all CCN employees in the Executive Office Divisions of General Services, Procurement, C&R, and Travel, providing guidance and assistance in resolving problems and achieving objectives. In the absence of the S/Exo and D/Exo, supervise the Exo HR, IT and Language & Translation divisions and personnel. First level supervision is exercised over the General Services Assistant, FSN 10; the C&R Supervisor, FSN 7; the Travel Assistant, FSN 8 and the Procurement Agent, FSN 8 positions
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management, Finance, Engineering, or other related area is required
  • A minimum of seven (7) years of experience in the areas of business, administration, finance, and/or management is required, Demonstrated successful experience in the field of management, operations and administration including analysis and planning, personnel management, general services and travel, with a demonstrated knowledge of procurement, budgeting, and contract management. Performing and supervising operations or administrative management for a large and complicated organization
  • Level IV (fluency) in English and Portuguese is required. This will be tested. At this level, the incumbent must have a high degree of proficiency in both the written and spoken language, including the ability to translate. On occasion, the job holder may need to act as an impromptu interpreter. Written English skills are particularly important. Must be able to clearly express ideas and concepts accurately both verbally and in writing.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of management principles, concepts, methods, practices, and techniques, especially as they relate to the fields of business management, operations and/or administration. A detailed knowledge of market prices, local laws, regulations, practices, and procedures
  • Must have the ability to research, locate, understand and interpret regulations and apply these to specific cases in the functional areas outlined in the position description
  • Ability to guide and work with a multidisciplinary, diverse team in the administration of a full-service, customer focused Executive Office for a complex economic assistance program
  • Must possess the capacity to critically and independently analyze, conceptualize, negotiate, exercise sound judgment, original ideas, identify problems and develop creative solutions
  •  Must demonstrate interpersonal skills to handle requests with patience, tact, and diplomacy
  • Must be able to effectively lead, train and supervise staff
  • Must be able to work under pressure while navigating managerial, administrative and sensitive issues, and possess the ability to deal with emergency situations
  • Extreme flexibility to simultaneously manage multiple activities at a time is essential
  • Must possess the ability to use computer-based applications, technology, and software
  • Must be able to obtain a thorough understanding of USG and local federal regulations and policies, foreign affairs manuals, and understand USAID's programming planning, budgeting, contracting and supply management procedures
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted
  • Please note that USAID and the U.S. Government NEVER require payment of any money in connection with a job application

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