Computer Management Specialist (m/f)


USAID is recruiting a Computer Management Specialist (m/f), to be based in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Mozambique is seeking applications from qualified persons to provide personal services under contract as described in this solicitation
  • Any questions must be directed in writing to the Point of Contact specified in the attached information
  • Solicitation No. 72065619R10011 opened to all Mission employees and external candidates who meet the stated qualifications
  • Position Title: Computer Management Specialist
  • Market Value: USD41, 748 – USD58,446 per annum, equivalent to FSN-10
  • In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Mozambique). Final compensation will be negotiated within the market value
  • Period of Performance: One year. The contract will be renewed as long as there is a need for this position; funds are available, and subject to satisfactory performance
  • Security Level Required: Employment Certification (RSO Certification)
  • Physical Demands: The work requested does not involve undue physical demands
  • Point of Contact:
USAID Regulations, Policies and Contract Clauses pertaining to PSCs
  • USAID regulations and policies governing CCN/TCN PSC awards are available at these sources:
  • USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Appendix J, “Direct USAID Contracts With a Cooperating Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad,” including contract clause “General Provisions,” available at
  • Contract Cover Page form AID 309-1 available at
  • Acquisition & Assistance Policy Directives/Contract Information Bulletins (AAPDs/CIBs) for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals available at
  • Ethical Conduct. By the acceptance of a USAID personal services contract as an individual, the contractor will be acknowledging receipt of the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” available from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, in accordance with General Provision 2 and 5 CFR 2635. See
  • The Computer Management Specialist (CMS) position supports approximately 185 Mission staff members. There are eight (8) management teams, including the Office of the Director, Technical Offices (including a large PEPFAR Team), Program Office, Office of Financial Management, Office of Acquisition and Assistance, and the Executive Office. The Computer Management Specialist reports directly to the Information Systems Manager
  • He/she is in charge of day-to-day operations, including installation, repair, maintenance, support, and management of Windows 2012 environments (PC and server platforms), PC/LAN and PC hardware, peripherals, data communication equipment, telephone systems, accessories, auxiliary equipment, automation facilities, and contracts for computer systems operations for USAID/Mozambique
  • The incumbent also is responsible for assisting in the design, development and maintenance of the mission Intranet site and in-house software applications, conducting user training, assisting in solving day-to-day application/software problems. The job holder may be expected to perform work-related travel
Computer Center Operations – (20%)
  • Responsible for day-to-day operations and support of PC hardware, peripherals (workstations, terminals, printers, plotters, scanners, readers, etc.), data communication equipment (iPhone devices, modems, servers, routers, cards or controllers, coaxial and UTP wiring, etc.), accessories ( data switches, mouse, etc.), and auxiliary equipment (Central 50KVA UPS, small to medium UPSS
  • Provides first-line end-user support on the use, operation, features, and capabilities of Windows 2012 environments, PC/LAN, and PC hardware; conversion of data, word, graphics and images to various formats and storage media; and, use of software, such as PC software packages, and office automation software.
Data Communications and Networking – (20%)
  • Oversees the Mission analog/IP Telephone System, including all Cisco networking devices not managed by USAID/Washington, with regards to proper functional operations, maintenance, etc.
  • Responsible for all automation-related data, and all audio and visual communications equipment installed in the Mission
  • Coordinates the installation, repair, maintenance, and inventory of communications hardware, software, and accessories owned by the Mission and installed in the US Embassy or other sites. Equipment may be modems, data encryption devices, appropriate communications cards or controllers, protocol software, local or international leased or dial-up lines, or local Internet Service Provider (ISP) connectivity
  • Coordinates, installs, maintains, and replaces power outlets and extensions, communication lines, and coaxial and UTP wiring plants in support of data communications, networking, and inter-connectivity of Mission automation hardware, peripherals, and auxiliary equipment
  • Maintains a log for recording communication and networking malfunctions and solutions, for the purpose of historical analysis and ensuring all occurrences are documented
IT Application Support and Training (25%)
  • Provides support on the use of software applications including word processing, spreadsheet, graphics and all other software that are in use in USAID/Mozambique. The incumbent will work with the systems manager to manage and oversee the entire applications portfolio for the Mission, including but not limited to the most complex and sophisticated applications developed by USAID/W and the Mission for financial management, project administration, communications and operations management, such as: WINTA (Time and Attendance for FSN employees), E2 (Travel Authorization System), WebTA (US employees time and attendance), GLASS (Global Acquisition and Assistance), mission intranet, ASIST,PII, and MyUSAID Pages
  • Provides expert advice to Mission users regarding the functionality of those applications and the use of various applications/systems efficiency and effectively. Uses his/her technical knowledge to trouble shoot any application problems; provides technical guidance; recommends/undertakes any changes needed to solve those problems and documents system problems and solutions
  • Responsible for the installation, support, maintenance, and customization of off-the-shelf applications; must ensure that only approved software is installed on the network and requests approvals for newly developed and purchased software and applications
  • The CMS develops user training plan; conducts or supervises in-house training courses for Mission users on the use of Agency and other applications and documents feedback
  • (S)he acts as a second-level support for all desktop software and provides guidance and best practices to mission users. Creates Electronic Manuals for the IT section’s reference on how to configure Mission applications. Creates Power Point presentations to be posted on the Intranet to guide users on using the system; e.g., how to scan for viruses, how to change passwords
  • The CMS plays a leading role in assuring the security and integrity of USAID/Mozambique’s applications. (S)he regularly reviews system security, coordinates security actions with USAID/Washington and reports issues and incidents to the Systems Manager. (S)he identifies the security controls needed in new applications during the design phase, and ensures those controls are implemented in the production system. A vital part of maintaining the integrity of the system includes keeping and updating clear system/application documentation and procedures
Intranet design and Support (20%)
  • Designs, develops and manages the Mission Intranet using various web development tools and multimedia applications. Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the Mission Intranet by staying updated on technological advancement in web development. Provides ad-hoc training or support for other departments to perform basic updates or publishing as required
  • Creates graphic and multimedia animations for the intranet or other presentation requirements. Provides recommendations to the EXO on best practices for the development of internet sites
Administrative Functions – 15%
  • Receives, inspects, and records all automation-related deliveries, warranty claims, short shipment claims, out-of-office or out-of-country repairs, inter-office transfers, and disposal of equipment. Regularly updates the Mission inventory of automation hardware, software, peripherals, and auxiliary equipment
  • Manages the automation facilities (Computer Center, stock room, etc.) to include but not limited to: implementing a time-in/time-out log, and a pull-out and return log; controlling spare parts inventory, including the issuance of spare parts; and, maintaining physical security and cleanliness of all automation facilities
  • In close coordination with the Systems Manager helps determine IT procurement and disposition needs, as well as budget recommendations
  • Travel: The job holder may be expected to perform work-related travel
Supervisory Relationship
  • The incumbent operates with a high degree of independence, and reports directly to the Information Systems Manager who, in consultation, establish basic parameters of work and determine priorities and deadlines in terms of policy, priorities, results to be achieved, and basic approaches. Assignments are made orally and in writing. Routine and recurring work is reviewed on a periodic test basis, while task-oriented work is reviewed as completed
  • Supervisory Exercised: None
  • Area of Consideration: To meet basic eligibility requirements, the applicant must be a cooperating country citizen or a non-cooperating country citizen lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the cooperating country. Applicants must submit a complete application as outlined in Section IV. This position is open to all US Mission employees and external candidates who meet the stated qualifications
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, or the local equivalent, in Computer Science, Electronics, and Communications Engineering or in an equivalent job-related field is required
  • A minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible experience, primarily in information systems and applications, with a concentration in management and operation of a computer center with a large networked PC clientele, an international communications and networking system, and a computer hardware and peripherals installation, repair, and maintenance center. At least three (3) years of this experience must involve Network administration (preferably using Windows 2012, Windows 10 and VMware vSphere), Google Site and Web design
  • Level IV (fluent) in both written and spoken English and Portuguese languages is required (this will be tested)
  • Thorough knowledge of automation operation concepts, analysis, and management; system monitoring and performance fine-tuning methodologies; communications and networking concepts and operations; diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance procedures and techniques; software and utility programs; operating systems software and applications; information system procedures and standards; standard business work processes and management principles; a knowledge of Web development tools, Google site design, database system, and documentation techniques; general knowledge of the principles, programming, and operations
  • Thorough knowledge of local IT vendors and telecom Mozambique service technical & standard specification, regulations and practices, internet service providers, and the IT market in Mozambique
  • The incumbent is required to possess a good understanding of computer services that can be provided locally to provide advice on procurement needs
  • Ability to effectively manage, operate, repair, and maintain Mission PC/LAN and PC hardware, software, and applications; Windows 20012 environments, Gmail, and VMware vSphere
  • Ability to work with issues involving LAN connectivity, including the installation of systems and troubleshooting LAN/Ethernet related problems
  • Excellent skills in using diagnostic software tools for monitoring and evaluating the performance of various telecommunication systems
  • Strong interpersonal skills are required to resolve operation-related issues Well-developed verbal and writing communications skills to clearly and concisely explain features, problems and solutions, to conduct user training and to develop documents on various network and application systems
  • Ability to work outside regular office hours, including weekends, holidays, or any other days as required
  • Must be innovative and problem solving oriented
Evaluation and Selection Factors
  • Education - 10 points
  • Prior Work Experience - 20 points
  • Job Knowledge - 30 points
  • Language Proficiency - 15 points
  • Skills and Abilities - 25 points
  • Maximum Points: 100 points
  • Any application received in Portuguese will not be considered. Only English applications will be received and considered
  • Only applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements for the position will be considered. Candidates will be evaluated based on relevant education, prior work experience, knowledge, language proficiency, skills and abilities demonstrated in their application packages. Only the short listed candidates will be invited for a language test. Candidates successfully passing the language exam will be invited for an oral interview
  • Final selection will be based on the application package, language abilities, and oral interview. This is a local position and compensation will be in accordance with the Local Compensation Plan
  • Please note that USAID and the U.S. Government NEVER require payment of any money in connection with a job application
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