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WFP - World Food Programme

World Food Programme is recruiting a Civil Engineer, to be based in Tete and Manica, Mozambique.

  • The ability to manage all activities from inception to completion utilising standard tools and processes and best practice project management techniques
  • Co-ordinating all elements of the project including, design, construction, supervision and any relevant Employer inputs
  • Acting as the project focal point between the Employer and the Consultant / Contractor / and others
  • Co-ordinate with the various WFP units including but not limited to administration, HR, security, procurement etc. regarding the project
  • Providing input to the implementation and procurement strategy that best addresses the requirements of the WFP CO and the inherent constraints
  • Providing input into the design phase of the project, if relevant, ensuring that the approved design can be implemented on site, confirming that the materials can be procured in the country and ensuring that the design chosen represents a sound option for the progression of the project
  • Ensuring that construction activities or work programs take account of and adhere to local regulations and legislation
  • Consulting with local authorities to ensure timely provision of necessary building consents and authorisations
  • Evaluating and overseeing processes of construction, project risk assessments and mitigating actions, programming and co-ordination
  • Assessing and approving a contractor’s security arrangements, with WFP Security teams, to protect WFP personnel, assets and materials during the construction phase of the projects
  • Providing advice to the Country Director and WFP Engineering concerning the schedule for securing access to or handing over a construction site
  • If required, approving the suitability of contractor or direct labour, site supervision, technical, artisan and general labour resources
  • Assessing capacity and approving sub-contractors selected by WFP, or a contractor
  • Monitoring and evaluating on-site and off-site facilities, including materials or other test laboratories, to ensure compliance with the terms of a contract. This shall include monitoring any laboratory testing and recommend improvements (if any) to ensure compliance with relevant codes and standards
  • Assessing construction equipment, plant and machinery requirements, by condition, type and specification, and assessing operator skill and performance for site mobilisation and maintaining progress
  • Monitoring construction progress on a regular basis to ensure compliance in accordance with approved work programs
  • Preparing, reviewing and approving \"as constructed\" documentation and preparing reports confirming, or otherwise, the satisfactory completion of any work, whether by contract or by ‘direct labour’
  • Inspecting and reporting on completed works to the Country Director and Chief Engineer, and overseeing ‘substantial completion’ milestones, hand over and occupation of completed works
  • Based on monitoring results, provide “lessons learn” reports for all on-going field activities
  • Construction Contract and Contractor Management
  • Researching and evaluating the capacity of local design and construction companies, as required
  • Reporting to the Country Director and the Chief Engineer, and appropriately instructing a contractor, with regard to the correct interpretation and application of the terms of contract documentation
  • Resolving and/or reconciling any ambiguities and/or discrepancies in contract documents
  • Assessing and reporting on proposed construction methods for any works, to ensure that the methods proposed are satisfactory and consistent with respect to requirements for efficiency, quality, and health and safety requirements
  • Preparing and recommending variations/change orders to a works proposal, to address and resolve issues encountered on site, to resolve constraints and time slippage in works programs, or arising from the evolving needs of the WFP or others
  • When required, preparing designs, drawings, quantities and cost estimates for variations/change orders to address the issues for the approval by the Country Director and the Chief Engineer. Reviewing and approving proposals by a contractor to meet requirements specified in variations/change orders
  • Analyse risks associated with natural disasters including wind, earthquake, fire and floods, while design structures
  • Overseeing and directing remedial works carried out during a ‘Defects Liability’ period, and providing guidance to the Country Director and WFP Engineering with respect to the release or otherwise of the ‘Retained Monies’ under a contract
  • Authorising all minor additional works under a contract that do not materially affect the project, at the rates established in the construction works contract, or at alternative rates mutually agreed upon when the works are not listed in the contract bill of quantities
  • In conjunction with the Country Director and the Chief Engineer, ordering and documenting the suspension or termination of construction activities, and recommending other appropriate recourse under the contract.
  • Overseeing project performance, evaluation and reporting systems, up to project completion
  • Liaise directly with the Country Director, Chief Engineer and WFP Engineering in HQ, via structured meetings or other means with regards to any arising or on-going technical, financial, contractual, programme or political issues at the project sites. Provide regular updates on progress
  • Establishing standard comprehensive systems for construction and site records, including all site correspondence, survey data, inspection records, test data, site diaries, records of meetings, financial records, progress records etc
  • Compiling day by day project diary to record all events relevant to the management of construction/contracts, including any information which may, at a later, assist in resolving queries or disputes related to the works
  • Preparing and issuing reports, with content and format approved by the Country Director and the Chief Engineer, including inception reports, periodic progress reports, a detailed project completion report, in ‘first draft’ and final
  • Preparing technical and cost benefit appraisals, evaluations, scopes of work, specifications, pricing documentation, and any other relevant reports as may be required from time to time
  • Preparing comprehensive project budgetary estimates and construction cost estimates for proposed construction works
  • Recommending to the Country Director and the Chief Engineer appropriate courses of action for engineering, construction and contract management, in relation bonds, insurances, claims, and proposed arrangements for advance payments
  • Maintaining permanent records of the receipt, custody and validity of all bonds, warranties or financial instruments required as part of an engineering/construction project or contract
  • Preparing and managing project budgets and cash flows, including processing invoices and tracking payments for all expenditures related to construction activities
  • Preparing documentation required for dispute resolution with contractors. Recommending appropriate actions to the Country Director and the Chief Engineer with respect to claims, including but not limited to cost increases, time extensions, variation orders, subletting, quantification of claims, rates and price fixing
  • Processing and certifying interim and final payments for construction activities
  • Preparing a Final Account for all construction projects for review by the Country Director, the Chief Engineer and WFP Engineering in HQ
  • Assisting the preparation of responses for enquiries and Audits related to construction activities
  • Ensuring that construction activities adhere to internationally recognised standards for health and safety applicable for the works, for adjacent properties, for all site personnel, and the general public
  • Notifying the Country Director and the Chief Engineer of any serious breaches to health and safety rules on the project
  • Reporting of all health & safety incidents, events, ‘near misses’ and accidents in periodic progress reports
  • Establishing and maintaining project quality assurance procedures, and project documentation and records
  • Inspecting and approving local sources of construction materials, including local borrow pits or materials suppliers
  • Ordering tests of materials and ensuring adherence to specifications. Approving all materials to be used on the projects. Maintaining permanent records and documentation for all test results and checks
  • Completing all necessary on-site, independent and other verifications, tests, checks and measurements to ensure control of quality for the works
  • Assuring the quality of the works during construction, continuously inspecting the materials and construction operations for workmanship and compliance with the specifications
  • Providing notice to the contractors of any defects and deficiencies, and issuing instructions for the removal and substitution of defective materials or works under the terms of a contract
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by the Country Director or the Chief Engineer, WFP Engineering
  • University Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Ten years (10) relevant civil engineering experience
  • At least Five years (5) of experience in construction, construction management, or construction administration for civil works and similar projects as for the one required in this document
  • Experience interpreting contract documents, specifications, and blueprints as well as quality standards, health and safety procedures and
  • Experience in the planning and supervision of both new-build and refurbishment construction projects
  • Experience in planning, construction and supervision of warehouses
  • Technical knowledge on the design of warehouses
  • Knowledge of relevant national and international construction standards as seismic, strong wind, flood and natural hazards, to promote safe construction practices and ensure high quality constructions
  • Preferably to have experience working in the provinces of Tete, Manica, Nampula and Zambezia
  • Knowledge of the UN system and of public procurement procedures beneficial
  • Knowledge of Project Management Processes and Techniques
  • Qualification / experience in health and safety and Quality Assurance / Control
  • Computer literate including the use of AutoCAD and Microsoft Office (MS Word and Excel and Project)
  • Technical competence in writing in the English language including preparation of progress reports
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English
  • Only short listed applicants will be contacted
This vacancy is no longer accepting applications


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