Voucher Examiner (m/f)


USAID is recruiting a Voucher Examiner (m/f), to be based in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Mozambique is seeking applications from qualified persons to provide personal services under contract as described in this solicitation
  • Offers must be in accordance with Attachment 1, Sections I through V of this solicitation. Incomplete offers will not be considered. Offerors should retain copies of all offer materials for their records
  • This solicitation in no way obligates USAID to award a PSC contract, nor does it commit USAID to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the offers
  • Solicitation No. 72065619R10017 opened to all Mission employees and external candidates who meet the stated qualifications
  • Market Value: USD27,055 – USD37,868 per annum, equivalent to FSN 8 (Step1-12)
  • In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Mozambique). Final compensation will be negotiated within the market value
  • Period of Performance: One year. The contract will be renewed as long as there is a need for this position; funds are available, and subject to satisfactory performance
  • Security Level Required: Employment Certification (RSO Certification)
  • USAID Regulations, Policies and Contract Clauses pertaining to PSCs:
  • USAID regulations and policies governing CCN/TCN PSC awards are available at these sources:
  • USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Appendix J, “Direct USAID Contracts With a Cooperating Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad,” including contract clause “General Provisions,” available at
  • Contract Cover Page form AID 309-1 available at 
  • Acquisition & Assistance Policy Directives/Contract Information Bulletins (AAPDs/CIBs) for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals available at 
  • Ethical Conduct. By the acceptance of a USAID personal services contract as an individual, the contractor will be acknowledging receipt of the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” available from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, in accordance with General Provision 2 and 5 CFR 2635. See
  • The incumbent serves as one of six Voucher Examiners in the Accounts Payable unit for USAID/Mozambique. He/she examines a full range of vouchers including complex invoices for payment of goods and services relating to USAID project activities and administrative transactions. In addition, he/she generates financial reports as needed and performs duties related to FSN payroll processing and transmission, and transmission of WebTA related information data necessary and required for the preparation and processing of USDH and USPSCs time and attendance
Voucher Processing (55%)
  • Reviews, audits, analyzes and processes difficult and complex invoices and/or claims for payment involving program funded Contracts, Grants, Cooperative Agreements, Host country contracts, Purchase Orders, Leases, Project Implementing letters(PILs) and Commodity Import Program Letters of Commitment. Reviews and processes a full range of complex administrative claims, including a substantial number of international travel vouchers (i.e., TDY, R&R, Home Leave, Reassignment, Carrier transportation, Shipments of house hold effects etc.) and other entitlement payments. Claims reviewed include a variety of payment provisions including fixed price, cost reimbursement and variable cost contracts and requires judgment in adapting USAID procedures to Mozambique business customs and laws
  • Using the most updated Phoenix and ASIST accounting and payment systems, determines that the obligation contains appropriate authorizations, administrative approval and certification, and is supported by proper documentary evidence showing that a valid, binding agreement in writing has been executed, recorded, and is on file; ensures that proper budget plan codes, obligation document numbers, voucher document numbers, correct vendor agent codes, country codes, currency codes, USDO symbols and other required information is used and ensures that the request for payment is in accordance with the provisions, terms, and conditions of the obligating document
  • Verifies that funds are available and coordinates with financial or budget analyst to rectify any funding shortfalls situations. Ensures that established controls to prevent improper or duplicate payment are in place and effectively working. Makes sure that proper application of Prompt Payment Act by processing vouchers within the proper time frame. Makes determination and assurance that disbursements applicable to claims comply with appropriate U.S. and host country laws and regulations
  • Initiates and provides appropriate communication to contractors, host government officials, vendors, and employees both orally and in writing to provide guidance, to interpret the agency’s voucher auditing requirements, and/or to request additional information regarding proposed payments. Prepares and communicates rationales concerning any portions of a claim where payment was disallowed. Ensures that outstanding advances or amounts in excess of authorized allowances are recovered. Ensures that payee name, address and bank information is correct, that the invoice number and description in the stub data is comprehensive, and that the Phoenix description is appropriate
Financial Analysis and Review (20%)
  • Maintains and regularly reconciles USAID disbursement records with recipient organizations’ records. Verifies accuracy of advance expenditure reports submitted by recipients grantees/contractors and other vendors for reimbursements or for liquidation of advances. Performs regular analysis of recipients Cash Status in order to determine if and when additional advances might be required. Periodically performs site visits to provide technical assistance, training and/or guidance to grantees/contractors in relation to the voucher and advance procedures and to resolve any discrepancies between USAID and recipient’s financial records
  • As a member of a Mission’s financial review/assessment team, examines samples of supporting documents to determines accuracy of submissions; determines if claims are in alignment with contractual terms and budget line items; ascertaining compliance with USG requirements related to items including taxes, interest on USG advances etc.; ensures the return/remittance of excess cash or/and advances and/or interest on US Government funds to USAID. Also provides input to the financial review/assessment reports and conducts follow-up and support in ensuring that issues that arise as a result of such reviews/assessments are resolved expeditiously
  • Incumbent also participates in post-award meetings with Development Objectives (Dos)/Strategic Objectives (SO) team members and partners (contractors/grantees) to provide guidance on billing and payment requirements to comply with payment provisions and USAID policies and regulations and provides financial management training as needed, for partners at various stages of the life of their contract/grant
Financial reporting and Systems maintenance (15%)
  • Using the Phoenix Viewer, ASIST accounting systems and other related reporting tools, the incumbent generates financial reports related to payment trends, history, advance utilization analysis and other reports as may be needed. Using Huddle system platform, the incumbent regularly transmits the financial reports and other related information to the users such as front offices, technical offices, OFM team and other mission offices
  • In addition, the incumbent produces regular monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, such as data call, interest reports, and W2s (IRS) as required by AID/W
  • The Incumbent also monitors, maintain and reconciles the followings payment tools and/or systems:
  • Automated Cola Processing system
  • Electronic ASIST paperless payment system
  • Citibank (FSN) Declining Balance Cards (DBC) payments
  • Citibank Purchase Card payment system
  • Electronic Travel Paperless Voucher processing E2i system
FSN, USDH and USPSC Payroll process coordination (10%)
  • Using Win TA FSN payroll system, the incumbent gathers Time and Attendance (T&A) information from FSN employees, verifies the information of attendance, overtime time, come time and obtains the required approvals from the Office Chiefs, OFM controller or his designee and makes submission to USDO Charleston for payroll processing and salaries payments
  • The incumbent coordinates timely T&A input into Web TA payroll system the information pertaining to USDH and USPCs employees. The incumbent endures that the information is submitted to Washington DC in timely manner to be received in time for payroll processing. The incumbent assist to resolve employees questions regarding their Statements of Earning and Leave (SELs)
  • As a member of the USAID/Mozambique/OFM office, which plays a significant role in agency-wide Financial Management improvement activities, the incumbent participates in USAID international conferences for Accountants and Voucher Examiners and may also be requested to travel to other USAID missions on temporary duties (TDY) and back-up and to provide voucher examiners trainings if required by those missions
  • The incumbent may also be required to act as a payment section supervisor during the absence of the supervisor. During such times, the incumbent is involved in making decisions, attending meetings, anticipating problems or difficulties and devising methods to avoid and/or mitigate such problems
  • Supervisory Relationship: The incumbent works under the general supervision of the Supervisory Voucher Examiner. The Supervisor provides assignments, sets overall objectives, and reviews completed work for conformance to procedures and, on a spot check basis, for accuracy and technical adequacy. For most assignments, incumbent independently plans, organizes, and carries out the work and resolves all but the most difficult and sensitive problems which arise
  • Supervisory Exercised: None
  • Area of Consideration: To meet basic eligibility requirements, the applicant must be a cooperating country citizen or a non-cooperating country citizen lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the cooperating country. Applicants must submit a complete application as outlined in Section IV. This position is open to all US Mission employees and external candidates who meet the stated qualifications
  • Minimum of College/University studies in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration is required
  • Minimum of three years of progressively responsible experience in voucher examining, accounting and related financial management work
  • Level IV (fluent) English and Portuguese oral and written ability (report writing skills) are required (language skills will be tested)
  • Good working knowledge of payments and accounting principles and procedures as well as local government laws and banking operations in Mozambique
  • Ability to work under pressure to manage a very complex portfolio and complex financial system (Phoenix) and ASIST module and to prioritize workflow which is measurable compared to available time are required
  • Advanced numeric and analytical skills to complete, on own initiative, complex computations and analyses in order to recommend and support approvals and suggest suspending/disallowing of unallowable claims and to develop and use Phoenix Viewer reports
  • Advanced interpersonal skills to deal with internal and external customers and communication skills to explain, clearly and convincingly, USAID voucher examination procedures and claims deficiencies are required
  • Ability to acquire knowledge of office procedures and practices; USAID programs; USAID accounting & payment policies, procedures and reporting requirements; Prompt Payment Act; ADS series 600 for financial management and operations, and travel regulations
  • Capability to logically and consistently apply detailed regulations, procedures, and contract conditions to the voucher examination process is required
  • High degree of accuracy in English typing is required to record vouchers into Phoenix and to respond to vendors’ inquiries
  • Ability to operate a scanner and to understand the software to ensure that documents are properly entered into the system as well as ability to quickly get an understanding of the accounting system, Phoenix
  • Proficiency in use of computer applications, database financial systems, imaging software applications, MS Word, Excel Access and other work related software applications
Evaluation and Selection Factors
  • Education - 20 points
  • Prior Work Experience - 20 points
  • Job Knowledge - 25 points
  • Language Proficiency - 10 points
  • Skills and Abilities - 25 points
  • Maximum Points: 100 points
  • Only applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements for the position will be considered
  • Candidates will be evaluated based on relevant education, prior work experience, knowledge, language proficiency, skills and abilities demonstrated in their application packages
  • Only the short listed candidates will be invited for a language test. Candidates successfully passing the language exam will be invited for an oral interview
  • Final selection will be based on the application package, language abilities, and oral interview. This is a local position and compensation will be in accordance with the Local Compensation Plan
  • Any questions must be directed in writing to the Point of Contact specified in the attached information
  • Any application received in Portuguese will not be considered. Only English applications will be received and considered
  • Physical Demands: The work requested does not involve undue physical demands
  • Please note that USAID and the U.S. Government NEVER require payment of any money in connection with a job application
  • Point of Contact:
This vacancy is no longer accepting applications


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