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CODE – Canadian Organization for Development through Education

CODE is recruiting a Video Producer – Production educational videos for digital version of BETTER manuals (m/f), to be based in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • Better Education through Teacher Training and Empowerment for Results (BETTER) is a seven-year, Global Affairs Canada and CODE co-funded project to support pre-service teacher training in Mozambique. Implemented by CODE and its Mozambican partner Associação Progresso beginning in July 2015, the goal of BETTER is to improve the quality of education for primary students by improving the quality of teacher education in Mozambique
  • BETTER aims to reinforce the use of student centered methodologies and promote gender equality in the project IFPs and primary schools, strengthen teachers’ skills to teach language and literacy, improve supervision and coaching for aspiring teachers during practicum, strengthen school management in placement schools, and improve the quality and quantity of materials to support language and literacy instruction. Through systematic monitoring and evaluation, and close coordination with the Mozambican Ministry of Education (MINEDH), BETTER will inform the expansion of similar interventions in the teacher program countrywide
  • BETTER is implemented in four IFPs (Teacher Training Institutes) in four provinces (Cabo Delgado, Maputo Province, Niassa and Tete) and in up to 150 project schools (20-25 per IFP). Teacher educators at the 4 IFPs (approximately 80), newly graduated teachers from the IFPs (approximately 1,200) and mentor teachers, school directors, pedagogical assistants, students and school councils at the 150 target schools (short and long practica) will directly benefit from the project activities
  • Period of engagement: August 26, 2019 – March 31, 2020
The project aims to improve
  • Primary teacher education with focus on teaching of literacy, by adopting student centered and gender sensitive pedagogy in the IFPs (and primary schools)
  • Primary teaching with focus on literacy, by adopting student centered and gender sensitive pedagogy in the primary schools
  • School management and mentoring of student teachers at the primary schools
Purpose of the Activity
  • The purpose of this activity this to support the BETTER project in two different activities that require educational videos, namely:
  • The BETTER project has been developing 5 manuals (textbooks) in Portuguese Language, Mozambican Languages, Didactics of Portuguese Language, Didactics of Mozambican language and Pedagogy. The 2019-2020 Annual Work Plan (AWP) includes the development hypermedia version of the manuals and shared experiences of the teacher training institutes (IFPs) in implementing the use of participatory visual methodologies to address participatory methodologies and to support the use of the manuals. The 10 videos produced will showcase a selection of the participatory methodologies produced by primary school teachers and/or preservice teachers at four IFPs, supporting the use of the two BETTER Manuals of didactics
  • The BETTER project has been working on a mentoring initiative piloted at Chitima IFP, involving 46 student‐teachers. This initiative supports the use of interactive methodologies in teacher preparation for the teaching of literacy and the formandos engage in one‐to‐one mentoring with students from the annex school at the IFP over an extended period of time. The purpose of the videos is to show the 7 steps of the mentoring process and to provide a short 10-minute documentary of the mentoring initiative “Um Formando - Um Aluno
  • The target overall audiences for the videos will include teacher educators and preservice teachers at IFPs in Mozambique, the Ministry of Education and other relevant policy-makers, teacher educators and preservice teachers at teacher training colleges in other contexts, and funding agencies (including Global Affairs Canada/Canadian High Commission)
  • This product will support the achievement of the following project outputs:
  • 1113 – Modules and manuals developed reflecting good practices and identified topics
  • 1314 Extra-curricular activities that support gender-equality facilitated in project schools
  • 1210- Increased capacity of IFP supervisors to help student-teachers apply teaching strategies during their practice
  • Scope of Work: In line with these above-mentioned specific outputs, CODE is seeking a Video Producer with experience in planning, filming and editing the production of videos for educational projects in Mozambique for the period of August 26, 2019 to March 31, 2020
  • Requirements: Products/Video numbers
  • Videos BETTER manuals: 10 videos
  • Mentoring Videos: 8 videos
  • Requirements: Time of each videos
  • Videos BETTER manuals: 8 minutes each
  • Mentoring Videos: 7 videos of 3 minutes each; 1 documentary video of 10 minutes
  • Requirements: Rounds of editing
  • Videos BETTER manuals: 2-3 rounds of editing
  • Mentoring Videos: 3 rounds of editing for the 3 minute videos; 5 rounds of editing for the 10-minute video
  • Requirements: Number of working days
  • Videos BETTER manuals: 20 days
  • Mentoring Videos: 26 days
  • Requirements: Time period for filming
  • Videos BETTER manuals: November 2019 and beginning of 2020
  • Mentoring Videos: September 2019
  • Requirements: Location
  • Videos BETTER manuals: Cuamba/ Pemba (location TBC)
  • Mentoring Videos: Chitima, Tete
  • The key expected products of this consultancy are:
  • Develop a workplan for the production of the videos listed above in collaboration with BETTER consultants, CODE and Progresso
  • Work closely with BETTER consultants and staff to produce videos
  • Filming 7 videos and 1 documentary in Chitima, Tete
  • Filming 10 videos in a primary school or Teacher Training Institute (IFP) supporting the digital version of two manuals (8 min each)
  • Video editing, incorporation of feedback and review of all products
  • Completion of the following videos:
  • Mentoring Initiative: 7 three-minutes videos in Portuguese, one ten-minutes documentary with a one-minute social media version in Portuguese with English sub-title
  • BETTER manuals: 10 eight-minute videos in Portuguese
  • Relevant experience in producing educational videos in Mozambique
  • Demonstrated experience leading development of educational videos in collaboration with IFP educators, teachers or primary students
  • Ability to film the videos in different provinces (Cabo Delgado, Niassa, Tete or Maputo) in case is necessary
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in teams
  • Previous experience working with CODE, MINEDH or Associação Progresso is a strong advantage
  • Time flexibility and availability to work at different time periods throughout the period of engagement
  • Team coordinator with ability to communicate in Portuguese and in English
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted
  • Video Producers that are interested in applying should submit a cover letter highlighting their relevant experience in Mozambique, expected daily rate, proposal and schedule
  • Candidates must confirm ability to travel to the four IFPs to be supported, if necessary. Candidates have to include a detailed proposal including total cost and schedule for completion of activities in English
  • The Logistic and travel expenses will be taken over by the BETTER project and does not need to be included in the proposal. If the proposal is not complete candidate is automatically disqualified
How to Apply
1. Documentation
  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
2. Application
  • Send your Documentation to with the Subject line “Video Producer – Production educational videos for digital version of BETTER manuals”
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