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Winrock International is recruiting a Policy Advisor, to be based in Nampula, Mozambique.

  • RAMA’s goal of sustainably reducing poverty and hunger through increased climate resiliency contributes to USAID/Mozambique’s Intermediate Result (IR) 1. Increased agricultural productivity, RAMA will focus interventions on sub-IR 1.1 Human and organizational capacity increased, and sub-IR 1.2 Improved technologies adopted
  • The project’s objective is reducing poverty and hunger in the Nacala Corridor through increased equitable growth of Mozambique’s agricultural sector and increased climate resiliente, We will increase awareness of climate impact and use of information to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and provide higher quality, demand-driven information to businesses, agricultural producers, and processors
  • RAMA will emphasize women as decision-makers and drivers of production, landscape management, and household nutrition Activities; RAMA will use a market systems approach to increasing productivity in the context of mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate chance, We will maximize resources by partnering with the private sector, the government of Mozambique at the national, provincial and district levels, and donor-funded programs, working through existing networks and value chain stakeholders to provide technical assistance and improved tecnologias
  • Our integrated approach recognizes that many of the key constraints impacting the agricultural sector are closely linked, thus, we will focus on improving the human and organizational capacity through improved information and practices, and introduce and scale climate smart technologies for dissemination through input channels
  • Through this scope of work Winrock, seeks to bring in additional technical resource by engaging the Policy Advisor to achieving the goals for components of the program
  • Purpose and objective of the assignment: In general, the purpose of this continuous task is to provide expertise as part of a team of experts developing strategic documents under the work plan, being soils and water assessment as a part of the agribusiness competitiveness strategy will strongly support the development of the national competitiveness reform agenda.
  • Provide support to Farmers through extension agents in terms of Technical Operations procedures with the objective of compliance with the agronomical requirements from soil preparation until harvest (quality aspects)
  • Integrated water resources management including building climate resilient hydraulic infrastructures, use of technologies like drip irrigation, use of organic matter, incorporation of plants cover
  • Provide technical inputs to the team leaders, extension agents, basics information to train the people around the agricultural development strategies, related to the objectives of the project
  • Create Information center where the people can consult information concern the project, climate information, Agricultural seasons information, Market information, (Farms, News, Notifications, etc.)
  • Training (Focused in the training critical thinking methodology) in reduction of soil degradation and promote mechanisms for the soils restoration using crops/organic matters
  • Focused in the promotion, transfer and adaptation of clean and climate change resilient technologies
  • Produce and provide technical expertise in studies of soils from areas of Winrock's projects
  • And other request from the RAMA Manager that are related to the project goal achievement
  • Masters’ Degree in the Program of Post Graduation in Agricultural Engineering: Water and Soil Management
  • Technical expertise in soil preparation, planting, fertilizer, crop practices and quality aspects
  • More than 15 years of experience in fruit and agriculture industries in Mozambique
  • Experience of Create operational standard procedures for different farm activities
  • Available 15 days per month
  • Can be any individual or company consultant Services
  • Only short listed applicants will be contacted
This vacancy is no longer accepting applications


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  • Published 23.05.2017
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