M&E Advisor (m/f)

Associação Moçambicana de Obstetras e Ginecologistas

AMOG is recruiting a M&E Advisor (m/f), to be based in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) is implementing a three-year initiative that aims to strengthen the capacity of national societies of obstetrics and gynecology in advocacy for safe abortion in ten countries in Africa and Latin America. Unsafe abortions account for 4.7% - 13.2% of maternal deaths each year and the FIGO Advocating for safe abortion programme aims to bring this number down by increasing access to safe abortion. While the primary role of health care providers and health care institutions is to offer health-care services, these actors are in a unique position to become women’s SRHR advocates, including improving their access to safe abortion. The specific objectives of the programme are:
  • To strengthen management and organizational capacity of the National Societies
  • To establish or strengthen a coordinated network with likeminded stakeholders and health system partners to advocate for safe abortion and improved access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC)
  • To create increased acceptance of safe abortion among health workers, policy makers and the general population
  • To ensure communication and sensitization about the national legal frameworks and guidelines on safe abortion and, where applicable, advocate for improved legal dimensions and guiding principles
  • To advocate for better generation and use of evidence on abortion in the country
  • For the ‘FIGO Advocating for safe abortion – a three year multi-country capacity building project’, the Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Mozambique (AMOG) is seeking the services of a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) advisor. M&E is seen as an essential component within this project and contributes to the following purposes:
  • Assess, verify and use the outputs and outcomes of the programme to reflect upon the interventions and expected outcomes, and adapt where necessary
  • Identify and document lessons and initiate learning between partners and relevant stakeholders to provide increasing insights in pathways of and conditions for success
  • Increase accountability towards partners, donors and the women and girls facing the consequences of a lack of access to safe abortion
  • The overall M&E of the project at global level is coordinated between FIGO and a partner organization: KIT Royal Tropical Institute. It consists of three main components:
  • Output monitoring (PMU in collaboration with FIGO)
  • Outcome monitoring (PMU in collaboration with KIT) and
  • Final evaluation (KIT in collaboration with PMU and FIGO)
  • The Outcome monitoring component will be conducted with the Outcome Harvesting methodology. This is an M&E method to collect evidence of change (the outcomes) and then work backwards to assess whether and how an organization, programme or project contributed to that change. Outcome Harvesting is designed to encourage different stakeholders to reflect on what happened and why. It works with a data base in which stories of change are collected in a systematic way and at regular interval
  • The M&E advisor will support the PMU in those areas where the PMU is seeking advice, and in particular in guiding the PMU in conducting the Outcome Harvesting process. The primary responsibility of the M&E advisor is to lead the Outcome Harvesting process and support the PMU in data collection. The PMU is required to conduct Outcome Harvesting (OH) on a 6-monthly basis and document this in the OH database (Excel). The data collection for the OH process involves a document review, review of monitoring log, (informal) conversations with gynecologists involved in the project and stakeholders such as policy makers. Moreover, the M&E advisor will prepare a stakeholder meeting to review the outcomes during midterm and prepare for the end evaluation conducted by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)
  • The support expected from the M&E advisor is to provide guidance for preparing the outcome harvest by:
  • Identification of outcomes to be harvested based on reviewing the available documentation, scanning the environment and guiding questions
  • Assist the PMU in conducting the harvest following the eight steps in the OH process
  • Lead the filling of the outcome harvesting data base
  • Providing capacity building on M&E skills when required
  • The services of the M&E advisor are required from January 2020 to April 2022. The M&E advisor will take the primary responsibility for the Outcome Harvesting data collection and analysis while involving the PMU and stakeholders in the process. It is expected that the M&E advisor works one day per month with the PMU to guide the regular Outcome Harvesting process and in addition, extra support should be delivered in the following months:
Timing –What –  #of days
  • January – March 2020 1st Harvest – 15
  • July – September 2020 2nd Harvest – 10
  • October – December 2020 Midterm – 15
  • January – March 2021 3rd Harvest – 10
  • July – September 2021 4th Harvest – 10
  • Jan – March 2022 Final Harvest and End-term – 15
  • Total amount of days – 75
  • University degree or equivalent in the area of anthropology, sociology or international affairs, with specific knowledge on M&E, in particular experience with using Outcome Harvesting
  • 8 – 10 years working experience in international development, of which 5 years in the field, specific on M&E and OH processes
  • Strong written and spoken English
  • Excellent M&E and reporting skills, especially on advocacy and use of Theory of Change
  • Ability to recognize need for change
  • Ability to translate findings from OH into new/different activities
  • Effective at facilitating meetings
  • Accurate and strict with deadlines
  • Has a network in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mozambique and preferably with stakeholders working on safe abortion
  • A trainer and team player with a helicopter view
  • Enjoys coaching and has excellent communication skills
  • Has the ability to write reports in an accessible way for different audiences
  • Passionate and an open mind about safe abortion, and ability to handle the topic with sensitivity
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted
  • Quality assurance: The M&E advisor will work under the direct supervision of the Project Focal point of AMOG and in close collaboration with the M&E advisor of KIT. The M&E advisor will be further trained in the Outcome Harvesting methodology in January 2020
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