Finance and Operations Manager


TechnoServe Inc. is recruiting a Finance and Operations Manager, to be based in Nampula, Mozambique.

  • Operations: Assist the TL with project leadership by providing input on technical, administrative and contractual issues, with particular attention to decisions that may impact the overall project
  • Develop internal systems and programs to enhance staff development, increase productivity and promote quality control throughout the project
  • Work with project senior staff to resolve personnel and staffing issues, performance problems, and other labor-related issues
  • Contract Compliance: Ensure/implement system of internal checks and balances for monitoring the project for contract compliance and adherence to all regulations, policies and laws that govern the project
  • Use good judgment and research, and obtain appropriate WB approvals
  • Bring to the attention of the TL and the Home Office (HO) any problems or sensitive issues that arise in this regard
  • Promote staff awareness of WB and TechnoServe regulations relevant to the contract
  • Ensure appropriate coordination with WB, obtaining and providing them with the required information to request WB approval for the execution of project activities
  • Financial management: Develop financial management mechanisms for budget tracking to minimize risk
  • Monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends
  • Analyzing change and advising accordingly
  • Financial reporting to the WB in two currencies
  • Procurement of office space, furniture, IT equipment office supplies, etc.
  • Travel approvals, advance payments, cash disbursals, documentation, and reporting, assuring compliance with the contract, TechnoServe policies and procedures applicable WB and Mozambican regulations
  • Coordinate with Maputo and Gurue offices on their cash flow needs
  • Coordinate with Maputo Controller on internal reporting
  • Interact with bank and other officials as needed
  • Review and approve petty cash use
  • Assist the TL and Home Office in developing the project’s annual and semi-annual corporate and work plan budget projections
  • Personnel Oversight: Work and coordinate with TechnoServe’s HR Manager to: Establish personnel records for all staff
  • Oversee management of all administrative processes related to the employment of all staff and short-term consultants
  • Ensure compliance with TechnoServe’s policy manual and local labor laws to the maximum extent possible
  • Advise on personnel issues, including preparation of employment agreements and scopes of work, salary negotiation, determination and administration of employee benefits
  • Develop orientation procedures for new staff and short-term consultants
  • Supervise the identification, selection, recruitment, training and orientation of operations personnel required for the implementation of project activities
  • Supervise the organization of annual performance evaluations for project staff according to the established calendar
  • Ensure that reports and deliverables due from consultants are properly monitored and ensure the timely payment of consultants
  • Procurement management: Establish clear lines of procurement authority and accountability based on TechnoServe regulations and policies
  • Supervise the solicitation, evaluation, and selection for procurement of supplies, equipment, and services
  • Ensure compliance with governing procurement policies, rules and regulations
  • Administrative management: Oversee the work of administrative support staff in terms of project logistics (travel, lodging) and office maintenance (procurement of supplies, equipment and services), ensuring that administrative staff perform efficiently
  • Monitor office lease agreement, equipment service contracts, and relationships with outside vendors
  • Develop/maintain basic office management systems and procedures
  • Train staff in procedures, and inform them of any and all changes in office policy, procedure and/or protocol
  • Assure that all team members respect and follow office rules and procedures as laid out in the applicable manuals
  • Conduct performance evaluations for all finance and administrative staff, and monitor training/mentoring needs to track performance progress
  • Monitor project staffing requirements, work load, and job satisfaction concerns
  • IT/communications oversight: Review network and telecommunications programs and installations, ensuring appropriateness to project and individual staff needs
  • Ensure safe archiving of electronic project information and files
  • Ensure the safe and appropriate use of project computer equipment
  • Filing and Archiving: Supervise the establishment of a system for filing and archiving of all relevant administrative, contractual and personnel documentation
  • Train administrative and technical staff on the filing and archiving of technical and programmatic documentation
  • Home Office Communications: Maintain communication with the home office (HO), identifying issues needing action or of potential concern or interest, and acting on such issues as raised by the HO
  • Act as liaison with HO in terms of employment, financial, personal or other issues as they arise
  • Ad hoc assignments: The FOM will perform any other tasks assigned by the FOD or his/her designate or independently which are consistent with his/her qualifications, this Scope of Work and the general requirements of the project
  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, organizational management, or a related field
  • At least two years of professional work experience on donor-funded projects
  • Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and/or experiences in accounting, financial planning and management, and procurement, among other management support areas/functions, as required
  • Demonstrated knowledge of project management and financial systems
  • Demonstrated skills, abilities, and experiences to:
  • Work collaboratively across technical disciplines
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Demonstrated initiative and self-motivation in handling assigned tasks in fast-paced environment required
  • Only short listed applicants will be contacted
This vacancy is no longer accepting applications


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  • Published 24.07.2017
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