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The Pestalozzi Children's Foundation (PCF) is recruiting Consultants for a CCP Training - Climate Change & Education, to be based in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • The Pestalozzi Children's Foundation (PCF) is a Swiss non-profit organization, which works worldwide. Our vision is to create a world as a global village of peace through education. PCF seeks to enhance inclusive and equitable quality education to promote sustainable development and living peacefully together in 12 different countries in Central America, South East Asia, East Africa and South East Europe. To get more information about PCF, please have a look on the following website: PCF implements projects through local and experienced partner organisations, which are responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the joint projects. PCF aims at strengthening their staff capacities and skills to achieve the programme outcomes
  • In Mozambique, PCF is implementing projects improving access to inclusive, equitable quality primary education in 74 target schools in Maputo City and Province and in Sofala Province. The PCF country office and its partner organizations' aim to create and integrate green school activities in the existing project as a pilot activity. Through the projects, primary school children should have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding regarding environmental issues (in the context of education), can participate in practical school project activities which foster sustainable lifestyles, and are being taught by teachers in environmental education and environmental conservation
Objective of the Training
  • PCF provides funding to local organizations and aims at strengthening their staff capacities and skills to achieve the programme outcomes. To support local partner organizations, we would like to offer training for project managers and education supervisors. The training shall be tailored to the specific needs and knowledge of the PCF partner organizations. The training shall enable participants
  • To gain knowledge and increase awareness of what climate change is and what the causes are for Mozambique
  • To understand how our lifestyle and consumption is contributing to climate change
  • To understand what its consequences are for Mozambique and how its implications can be put in context of (environmental) education
  • To understand how PCF project schools can be part of climate change adaptation/mitigation
  • To learn how to teach children sustainable lifestyles (e.g. recycling, organic farming, water saving techniques) showing concrete actions on how to strive towards change
  • To understand how to integrate coping strategies in the context of the project schools
  • Participants will be selected from PCF partner organisations of PCF Mozambique as identified per the organisation's climate change & education capacity needs. At present, PCF Country office is working with three operational partners, which are local NGOs of medium size. Please note that the participants and their organizations have a lot of expertise in the field of education but are still relatively new to the topic of climate change. The training shall be conducted for a minimum of 12 and maximum of 15 participants. The main participants are going to be partners project managers, education supervisors, and the PCF education officer
Tentative Schedule
  • The training agenda shall be developed in close cooperation with PCF and the external service provider
  • The main topics will be:
  • General understanding of what climate change/global warming is in the context of sustainable development and raising awareness of the topic
  • Understanding of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction and its impacts on Mozambique & its inhabitants
  • Integration of climate change discourse into the education sector
  • Understanding climate change in the context of PCF school projects
  • Contribution of education projects to climate change adaption and mitigation as part of environmental education
  • Adapting and creating simple educational materials and activities that promote climate resilience and adaptation/mitigation and integrate specific activities in the main project with indicators to measure achievements
Dates and Place
  • The training shall be conducted within one week (5 days)
  • Preferred dates for the training are between 9 – 13 September 2024
  • The duration of the training should not exceed 5 days (excluding arrival and departure of trainer and participants)
  • The training shall take place in Maputo, in Portugues language. Costs for transport, accommodation and alimentation are covered by PCF
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted
  • Please send a signed technical and financial offer and your CV
  • In order to determine the current knowledge and exact needs of the participants, an assessment questionnaire should be developed and circulated by the trainer upon provision of participants' contacts
  • The results will inform the detailed planning and agenda of the training. A follow-up exercise for the participants shall be part of the training package (participants go back to their respective work and apply their learning), the exact format is to be identified and agreed with the trainer
How to Apply
1. Documentation
  • Cover Letter
  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal
2. Application
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