This is an invitation to express interest and present a technical and financial proposal for the Development of Facts For Life package for Community and Religious Leaders (BID Reference # 2013/HR/09) as per below detailed terms of reference (TORS) describing the tasks for which technical assistance is sought.

Background and Context

Mozambique still has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world. Malaria, diarrhoea, acute respiratory infections and vaccine-preventable diseases are the main causes of child deaths in Mozambique. In addition, any gains that have been made in reducing child mortality are now threatened by HIV and AIDS.

Nearly 70 per cent of Mozambique’s population lives in rural areas, with limited or no access to the mass media. In this context, providing ways for young people, families and communities to access the knowledge they need to reinforce healthy behaviours and identify their own development needs help to ensure that they can assess their options and take action on issues that affect them. it is interpersonal communication, dialogue and debate that are required for large groups of people to adopt new behaviours for the long term.

A variety of community communication channels, such as multimedia mobile units, community theatre and radio networks, are used to share information and knowledge and prompt people to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. In addition, interpersonal communication through community and religious leaders has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach and engage communities including the most vulnerable people in remote areas. Although the power and influence that community and religious leaders have on their communities, few tolls have been provided so far to them in order to support community dialogue or to guide them in their work on promotion of healthy behavioural.

In 2011, The fourth edition of Facts for Life - FFL Mozambican version (Saúde e Vida) was published and endorsed by the Ministry of Health. UNICEF Mozambique considers FFL as one of its key behaviour change communication strategies supporting convergent and cross-sectorial programming for children and caregivers.

UNICEF Mozambique is now in the process of design several C4D interventions with the aim of delivering to target population the key FFL messages through different channels and communications products. Religious and community leaders are one of the channels to reach families and communities and empowering them for adoption of good practices and healthy behaviours.


Community and religious leaders through their influence at community level, they are one of the key people which can discuss issues on child survival and maternal health with families to in order to adopt, sustain, and promote selected behaviours, attitudes and practices, to improve their well-being.

Then, it is important to provide some interpersonal communications tolls to community and religious leaders, to support their discussions with families on health issues. The tools to be developed, specifically facts sheets on prevention of cholera, malaria, acute respiratory infection, promotion of breastfeeding and nutrition, vaccination, ante-natal care, family planning and prevention of violence, could be a useful tool to promote discussions with families and contributing for adaptation of good practices and behavioral changes.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a set of fact sheets and file cover and respective lay out, in order to be ready for printing by any company.

The objectives of the consultancy are:
  • Development of fact sheets with relevant messages on cholera, malaria, acute respiratory infection, promotion of breastfeeding and nutrition, vaccination, ante-natal care, family planning, HIV prevention and prevention of violence (The fact sheets will be used by religious and community leaders as a toll to promote community dialogue on key issues affecting their communities)
  • Lay out of the fact sheets.
  • Development of the cover file, which will keep the fact sheet
  • Conduct the pre-test of the fact sheets in collaboration with UNICEF, once the lay out is ready
Methodology and Technical Approach

Under coordination of UNICEF, the contractor will develop the fact sheets for life messages, focusing on cholera, malaria, acute respiratory infection, HIV promotion of breastfeeding and nutrition, vaccination, ante-natal care, family planning and prevention of violence. Each content will fit in a A4 sheet (back and front).
The contractor will use different colors for each fact sheet.

In coordination with UNICEF Communication for Development Specialists (C4D), the contractor will plan and conduct the pre-testing of the fact sheets in Maputo province. After the pre-testing the contractor should incorporate all the comments, and produce the final version of the fact sheet.
The contractor will present the final version, ready to be printed, in a CD.

Activities and Tasks
  • The contractor will consult the Fact for Life Manual and relevant CAP studies on health issues and violence conducted in the last 5 years in Mozambique
  • Based on FFL manual and the main finding of the CAP studies, the contractor will develop the draft of the fact sheets which will be shared with UNICEF for comments and inputs
  • The contractor will incorporate the comments and inputs and present the draft for pre-testing
  • The contractor will conduct the pre-testing of the facts sheet and cover file in close coordination with UNICEF C4D Specialists
  • After the pre-testing the consultant should incorporate all the comments, and present the final version
  • Draft of the fact sheets and cover file
  • Final lay-out for pre-testing
  • Pre-testing and Report of the pre-testing
  • Final approved version of the fact sheet and cover file, including the CD
Management, Organization and Schedule
  • The consultant will be hired by UNICEF and will be responsible for development of Fact Sheet for religious and community leaders, based on fact for life messages
  • The contractor will report to Aida Mahomed and Massimiliano Sani, UNICEF Communication for Development Specialists
  • The contractor will update UNICEF on the process and achievements of the consultancy in a weekly basis by e-mail or by phone
  • Delivery of lay out for pre-testing: 50%
  • Delivery of the pre-testing report and final version of the fact sheets and cover file: 50%
Qualifications and Specialized Knowledge
  • Academic background in health, social sciences, including sociology, anthropology or related areas
  • Experience in development of IEC materials on health issues, particularly for rural communities.
  • Experience (min. 3 years) from working with issues related to behavior change communication
  • Solid practical experience in pre-testing of IEC material
  • Knowledge of Mozambican culture
  • Solid knowledge on graphic package for layout
  • Fluency in Portuguese
  • Work in Mozambique for at least five years
Conditions of Work

To be provided by UNICEF:

  • Field Trip Transport
  • International Travel
  • Visa for internationally recruited
  • DSA
  • Security Clearance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Accident Medical coverage
  • Health Insurance
  • Office Space
  • Computer
  • Secretarial Services
  • Photocopier services
  • Other supplies
How to apply

Applications from interested candidates must contain the following documentation:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Technical Proposal
  • Copies of recommendation letters
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Motivation with sample of work

The Financial Proposal shall be presented in Meticais or US$ and should include details of the inherent costs of the consultancy as per point 8 above. Please notice that UNICEF undertake no liability for taxes, duty or other contribution payable by the consultant on payments made under this contract. No statement of earnings will be issued by the United Nations or UNICEF to the consultant.


The financial proposal shall be presented to the UNICEF Office via e-mail with the following subject: "Bid Reference 2013/HR/09 Development of Facts For Life package for Community and Religious Leaders".

  • UNICEF is committed to gender equality in its mandate and its staff
  • Well qualified candidates, particularly females are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be acknowledged
  • Unicef is a smoke free environment
This vacancy is no longer accepting applications


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