our vision

to create a solid foundation for the future by contributing to equal work opportunities in Mozambique

Our mission
to democratize the access to labour information in Mozambique
  • Fight against the social challenge of high unemployment rates in Mozambique
  • Uphold free access to information as an essential resource for development
  • Innovate the current labour market through online technology developed locally
  • Invest in Social Responsibility as a sustainable model for entrepreneurship
emprego.co.mz is currently the main reference for work opportunities nationally
  • Visited daily by more than 18 000 professionals
  • More than 120 000 followers on Social Media
  • Thousands of job vacancies published for companies and institutions
  • Used by more than 1 400 national and international employers
media coverage
the impact of emprego.co.mz covered by national media
who we are
a socio-economic project by UX, a Mozambican company dedicated to creating locally-relevant technologies for development